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Serving Local Churches & Ministries

One of Breaking Free's most important purposes is serving local churches. Being a church without walls we are the first contact many have with the gospel, but we know it's an absolute that those we evangelize, pastor, and disciple must have a permanent church family in the body of Christ. We cannot provide this except on a temporary level - therefore we help these believers find a bible-teaching church family. Our purpose is not to serve only the Spanish churches however we see such a need in the Spanish community in the States and abroad. We feel it is our responsibility to help anyway possible that will not take away from Breaking Free's seven purposes. We are seeing such favor in the Hispanic culture to anyone who will spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and yet at the same time such a lack in Spanish Churches. We at Breaking Free are committed to serving these church families anyway possible. If you are a church or ministry in need of resources or training in the seven mission areas of Breaking Free, please contact (All our resources are free of charge)

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