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Costa Rica

The Breaking Free Costa Rica Mission seeks to serve those in desperate need along the central area of the Costa Rica-Panama border. Breaking Free identifies children and families in extreme poverty, often deep in the jungle, and in very remote areas, and provides essentials like food, school supplies, and medicine. We teach Jesus Christ's redeeming love not only through the scripture but also through demonstration and action to those we serve.

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 Costa Rica Mission (Mountain)

Costa Rica I

The Costa Rica Mission feeds around 200 individuals a month through a completely self-sufficient organic sustainable farm of over 15 acres located on-site in Los Angeles de Sabalito, Costa Rica. Annually, we give out around 5 tons of bananas, plantains, various vegetables, and fruits directly to these families in need without charge.

We find providing simple necessities like food a powerful way to bring people to Christ. Those we serve are often marginalized by society so they are very touched when they find that someone actually does care and wishes to help them. We seek to raise up leaders from those we serve. 10 years ago Mr. Mormon founder adopted 7 children that lead BF Costa Rica mission. In addition, the impact of this mission also reaches overseas as our leaders in Costa Rica are able to care and pray for the Spanish-speaking community we encounter in the US over live video chat.

We welcome year around youth groups or church groups who have a heart to minister to the indigenous culture within our community. We can accommodate around 25 visitors at one time.
If interested in serving or supporting a family at 200.00 dollars monthly please contact Dr. Glenn Scott Mormon at (972)890-5290 If in Costa Rica call Silvia Aleman at 506-8822-1983 or Guiselle Aleman at 506-8794-0293

Isaiah 58:10" And if you pour out that with which you sustain your own life for the hungry and satisfy the need of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in darkness, and your obscurity and gloom become like the noonday."

Staff at Costa Rica Mission (Mountain)

Ministry Supervisor


Children's Church Leader

Translator and Administrator


Children's Church Leader

Children's Church Leader

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Costa Rica Mission (Ocean)

Costa Rica II Anchor
Staff at Costa Rica Mission (Ocean)

Ministry Supervisor, Translator



Ministry to the Poor Supervisor

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