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Breaking Free Inc., a ministry with over 30 years of service, was started by the founder Dr. Glenn Scott Mormon as Breaking Free Ministry at the beginning of 1992. It became Breaking Free Incorporated in the year 2000. In the year 2002, Breaking Free Inc. became a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Breaking Free Inc. does not charge for any of its services thanks to our extended ministry partners and a great community of supporters.


Founders Story

Breaking Free was at first just a vision in Scott Mormon’s heart going all the way back to 1988 after the Lord had brought much healing and deliverance to his life from the battle with addiction, incarceration, and brokenness. Scott was compelled immediately to reach out and help those with similar dysfunction. In 2004, he opened Breaking Free's first Christ-centered program (what he like to call a ''regeneration program”) for young men coming out of addiction that serves ages 18-25 in rural Georgia. He felt convinced NOT to charge for any of the services or help offered by BFI, remembering that our lord Jesus gave ALL freely, and therefore freely we should give. By 2010, Scott saw the need for this type of ministry in North Dallas Collin County area, where he grew up, and stepped out in faith to expand the men’s program to Texas. He wanted to not only help young men trapped in addiction but also to offer help to their families. By 2014, after hearing so many people share their burden for young women in similar circumstances, dealing with addiction or other life-controlling issues the decision was made to start a young ladies program. In 2014 BFI took in their first four young ladies into a recovery home. About 3 years earlier, in 2012 Breaking Free also began its mission work in southern Costa Rica, ministering to the very impoverished Ngäbe indigenous people there, as well as to the precious Costa Rican people. 2020 Breaking Free Costa Rica 2 located on the Pacific ocean at another very poor area of Southwest Costa Rica was established. Twelve years ago Scott adopted 6 girls and 1 son that had lost their mother to cancer and had no dad in their lives. They were 18 and younger and now are all 18 and older and oversee both BF Costa Rica’s. In addition Breaking Free Community Outreach feeds around 125 mothers and children weekly in East Plano, and in addition another 30 hot meals are delivered weekly to those who are homeless in East Plano. We always keep our purpose at the forefront, to offer help to the hurting through hope in Jesus Christ, and developing Christian servant leaders. We don’t charge those we help, BUT this ministry does cost A LOT, but God has never let us down and we have always been able to serve the hurting since the first day we opened our doors, which is such a testament to God’s faithfulness. If you would like to partner with us by serving or financially supporting BFI please contact Scott Mormon at or go to How can you help page!





























Breaking Free Inc. has seven different ministry departments which include:


(1) Community Care Services which provides food, goods, medicine, etc., for single mothers with children, or families who find themselves in extreme need. As of 6/15/22 We serve food and pray for approximately around 1200 individuals monthly in Collin County, Texas area.


(2) Our Children/Youth Outreach Ministry seeks to serve the children and teenagers in our community who are in high-risk situations. We accomplish this through community events, afterschool programs, individual care and support, counseling, and family counseling.  As of  6/15/22 We serve food  and induvial support to approximately 500 parents monthly in Collin County, Texas.


(3) Jungle/Street Church 101 “A Church Without Walls". Jungle/Street Church serves those in both Costa Rica and Collin County, Texas bringing both church services, and food/resources to those who are homeless. We also serve those with mental health needs, and those who find themselves in situations of extreme need. We are in the streets six days a week from 6:00am to 9:00am caring for those by bringing them, hope, food, and the message, and love of Jesus Christ. We also network with many local agencies to help find jobs, housing, temporary shelter, medical, and mental health resources etc. We are committed to fighting this crises that our county finds itself in by partnering with our community to make a safer place for all. As of 6/15/22 We pray and share hope with approximately 600 individuals monthly, or supply food, clothes, or medicine to approximately 150nindividuals  monthly who find themselves homeless in Collin County.


(4) Misión de la Comunidad Evangélica Hispana BF  serves primarily the Spanish community of East Plano Texas. We are a Church without Walls and our mission is help assist local pastors. We do this by evangelizing the unchurched or those who are not attending a local church. We establish relationships outside of the local churches by meeting the physical, emotional or spiritual needs of those we encounter. We also equip local churches for taking church to their community. We also put free discipleship resources in the hands of those pastors we serve. As of 6/15/22 We are serving approximately 600 individuals monthly with food for their family, prayer for each person needs, and sharing salvation through Jesus Christ.   


(5)(a) Drug and Alcohol Regeneration Services is a personal live online video offering 30, 60, 90-day, or 10-month program. These programs serve both genders and center around youth and young adults (ages 16-24). We have a separate program for older ages. For those needing in-person care, we are able to refer to our ministry partners. As of 6/15/22 We serve approximately 20 individuals, or families through counseling, family recovery, and A/D treatment recovery.

(5)(b) Incarceration Prevention Program Services is for those who are on probation or facing incarceration because of poor choices and need mentoring and guidance on how to make a healthy lifestyle changes. The Incarceration Program also works with the court system, probation department, or parole department in this life-style change process. As of 6/15/22 we serve through counseling, family recovery, and treatment recovery of around 10


(6) Internship Ministry Training Program is for those feeling called to work locally or abroad with those who are hurting, hungry, and in negative life controlling situations. This is a 3-year hands on program broken down into 1-year time commitments. As of 6/15/22  we have 8 interns in Servant Leadership Development programs. 


(7) Costa Rica I (Mountains) and Costa Rica II (Ocean) are both foreign mission works that feeds approximately 200 children and mothers every month. We also provide goods, medicine, and needed supplies in two of the most poverty-stricken areas of Costa Rica. As of 6/15/22   We serve food, clothes, medicine, and pray for approximately 200 indigenous and Costa Ricans monthly in Southern border of Costa Rica, Los Angles, Cota Brus area.

BFI is currently looking at the possibilities of establishing a BF Community Care Outreach light house in the Texas Rio Grande Valley around the city of LaGrulla on the Texas/Mexico border. (please pray with us concerning this possible future mission) Thank You 

Please refer to our website tabs for more detail on our seven different ministry departments at Breaking Free Incorporated for more detailed information.

Scott Baptizing
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Scott Baptizing - Breaking Free Inc.
Scott Baptizing

Breaking Free Inc. does not charge for any of its services. We rely solely on the help and support of our community and ministry partners. BFI is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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