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Breaking Free Inc.

Our Story

34  years of service.

Our Story Anchor
1988 Deliverance

Breaking Free was at first just a vision in Scott Mormon’s heart after Jesus had brought much healing and deliverance to his life from the battle with addiction, incarceration, and brokenness. Scott was compelled immediately to reach out and help those with similar lives of hopelessness.

1993 Planting A New Church

Scott during this time also started Mission Church in the heart of a college bar district where he pastored for five years.  At the same time Breaking Free Ministries was birthed and started ministering to the hurting and those who found themselves in hopeless situations. 

2004 Reaching Out To The Addicted

In 2004, Scott opened Breaking Free's first Christ-centered program for young men coming out of addiction. This program served ages 18-25 in rural Georgia. He felt convinced NOT to charge for any of the services or help offered by BFI, remembering that our Lord Jesus gave ALL freely, and therefore freely we should give.

2010 Expanding The Men's Program

As Breaking Free grew it started getting many calls from parents and wives from the Collin County area whose loved ones were in addiction. Scott realized it was time for BF to expand back to his home area. So BF stepped out in faith to expand the men’s program to Texas. 

2014 Lady's Recovery Program

After hearing so many people share their burden for young women in similar circumstances (dealing with addiction or other life-controlling issues) the decision was made to start a young lady's program. In 2014 BFI took in their first four young ladies into a recovery home.

2020 Costa Rica II (Ocean)

Breaking Free Costa Rica 2 was then established at another very poor area located by the Pacific Ocean in Southwest Costa Rica. We have a fishing industry there and build our own boats from wrecked boats. This is by far the most dangerous mission BFI has set out to accomplish as Panamanian and Costa Rican drug gangs control this area. Yes at the same time this is such a receptive area for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

1992 Boy's Ranch

After three years of street evangelism and leading 100s of teenagers to Jesus, Scott moved and started working as a counselor at a teenager boys ranch in Davisboro,Ga.. These young men had been removed from their homes and placed in 24/7 care long term care at the Broken Shackle youth ranch. After several years Scott became administrator where he served 65 high risk young men, and 32 staff. 

2002 Breaking Free Incorporates

Breaking Free Incorporated and received its 501c3 tax exempt status as a church without walls from the Internal Revenue Service. Also, the IRS accepted five-year ordination licensing process for minister credentials as well as future servant leadership training schools.

2007 Men's Program Started in State Prison

Scott was asked by the Georgia Department of Corrections to start a Breaking Free Men's program for inmates seeking change. 

2007 Training Leaders for The Next Generation

In 2007, BFI started its first Servant Leadership Training School. Today they are located in Costa Rica, and Plano Texas. These SLT schools are hands on life-formation approaches for those who feel called to serve as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Scott has also assisted numerous leaders with acquiring 501c3 non-profit status as well assisting them with the startup of their ministry.

2012 Costa Rica and New Adopted Family

Breaking Free then began its mission work in southern Costa Rica, ministering to the very impoverished Ngäbe indigenous people there, as well as to the precious Costa Rican people. Scott informally adopted 6 girls and 1 son who lived across from the farm that had lost their mother to cancer and had no dad in their lives. Back then they were 19 years of age or younger, but now all are 18 or older. Scott never dreamed, that today, they would be the ones overseeing both BF Costa Rica’s.

2016 Refugee Outreach in Italy

Breaking Free also started an outreach to the homeless refugees in La Spezia Italy.  One of the local staff in Costa Rica felt called to Italy. We went and drove for days until we were able to lead an addicted young man to Jesus. This was our sign of where Jesus wanted us to minister. The three years we served there we ministered mostly to refugees from African and Eastern European countries. Most of those we found were trapped by the Siciliano mafia or street gangs that required them to pay protection money. When they couldn't they were forced into panhandling or prostitution. 












2022 Back to Plano, Texas

BF starts 30-90 day Drug and Alcohol programs for juveniles and 18-24 years of age, and this also includes Family Recovery for the whole family - BF starts Community Outreach to children and their families that find themselves in need - BF starts a boots on the ground homeless outreach -BF starts Sexual Exploitation outreach to those trapped by sex trafficking or sexual abuse  - Incarceration services 


Mnistries Anchor
Drug/Alcohol & Incarceration Services

(a) Drug and Alcohol Addiction Services are 30, 60, 90-day or 12-month programs. These programs serve both genders. We provide programs that specialize in 12-24 years of age. We also offer programs specialized for those who are 25 years of age and up.  We offer inpatient care to those with chronic addiction. We also serve both males and females who find themselves in chemical addictions. 

(b) Incarceration Prevention Services are for those who are on probation or facing incarceration because of poor choices and who need mentoring and guidance on how to make a healthy lifestyle change. Our incarceration program also works with the court system, probation department, and parole department in this lifestyle change process.

Teaching Young Men
Homeless People sleeping on concrete in cold in Collin Cnty Feb 2022.jpeg
Homeless Solutions

"Church Without Walls" serves those in both Collin County, Texas and Costa Rica by bringing care and God's love to the homeless in our communities. We serve those with mental health needs and those who find themselves in situations of extreme need. We are in the streets seven days a week caring for these individuals by bringing them hope, food, and the message of Jesus' love for them. We also network with local agencies to help find jobs, housing, temporary shelter, medical, and mental health resources, etc..

Children/Youth Services

BF Children/Youth mission seeks to serve the children and teenagers in our community especially who are in high-risk situations. We accomplish this through community events, after-school programs, individual counseling, care, and family counseling.

Good News Rally Group Picture With The Children and Volunteers
Community Care - Feeding Families in Plano, Tx
Community Care Outreach

BF Community Care Outreach provides food, clothing, medicine, etc., for single mothers with children or families who find themselves in extreme need.

Costa Rica Mission

Breaking Free Costa Rica is our foreign mission work that establishes home churches and feeds children, mothers, and families who need care. The area we serve is one of the most poverty-stricken areas of Costa Rica so the goods and medicine we provide are essential. The remoteness of this area also means that we must set up house churches to bring the gospel to these secluded areas. We also have a children's church on the farm with a weekly Saturday morning service where we feed, and teach the children of God's word and love for them.

Fish to Feed The Poor
Costa Rican Children Eating From Bowls of Food
Breaking Free Staff Meeting
Servant Leadership Training

The BF internship ministry training program is for those feeling called to work locally or abroad with those who are hurting, hungry, and in negative life controlling situations by bringing hope and love through the good news of Jesus Christ. This is a 3-year hands on program broken down into 1-year time commitments.

Serving Local Churches and Ministries

Breaking Free serves local churches and ministries in the community of East Plano Texas. We are a Church without Walls, and our mission is to help assist local pastors and ministers with bringing the unchurched into their church family. We do this by evangelizing the unchurched or those who are not attending a local church. We establish relationships outside of the local churches by meeting the physical, emotional, or spiritual needs of those we encounter. We also equip local churches to take church to their community and put free discipleship resources in the hands of those pastors we serve.

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