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Chemical Dependency & Incarceration Services

Breaking Free Inc.'s alcohol/drug abuse mission is to provide our clients and their loved ones with the ability to overcome the devastating effects of alcohol and drug addiction within BFI Christian network. We aim to bring forth the best possible opportunity for success and recovery with a Christ-centered approach to recovery. We are committed to bringing the necessary recovery tools and therapy needed to build a Christ-centered life free from chemical addiction.


We work with all ages, but our specialty is juveniles and 18-21 years of age. Mr. Mormon has extensively worked with the younger ages since 1988 and feels this age is overlooked in many A/D recovery networks as being labeled  not ready for help. He specializes in bringing the whole family together in the recovery process for the addicted loved one. He has found when the family works together there is a greatly increased chance for full recovery of the addicted family member. Mr. Mormon has also found that in being a source of support for the non-addicted family members that there is much more of a chance that the addicted family member will get the help that they so desperately need. Addiction affects the whole family, and healing needs to include the whole family if at all possible.


Over the years, Mr. Mormon has noticed the financial devastation addiction has on families and has been committed to keeping Breaking Free Inc. services free of charge. BFI does this only by the generosity of the BF ministry partners and the wonderful community of Collin County, Texas. If you are struggling with addiction or have an addicted loved one, then please call Mr. Mormon today at his cell number which is listed below.  

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Chemical Dependency
Services Offered by BFI

Chemical Dependence Anchor

Online live video 30, 60, and 90-day outpatient alcohol/drug programs for men, and women​
Online live video family recovery program, and 24/7 support. 
Online live video counseling is also available.

Contact Us

Dr. Glenn Scott Mormon


If I am abroad you can still easily reach me. Your message is important to us so I've made instructions on how to do so here:


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Incarceration Services

Incarceration Anchor

BF specializes in working with those who are facing incarceration if not major lifestyle changes, or those needing aftercare who have been incarcerated. We provide those with such needs the opportunities to become productive members of their community by providing online video counseling/classes, education, and resources.

BF goal to reduce recidivism rates and resulting in a safer communities. 
We also work a comprehensive family recovery program with those families with love ones that are possibly, probation, facing incarceration, or incarcerated.  

BF Incarceration services mission- partnering with our community, courts, probation and parole officers to help create safer and stronger communities by working the necessary life change with those that have or will be incarcerated.

Call 972-890-5290.

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Sexual Exploitation Services

Sexual Exploitation Anchor

Breaking Free is a Christian mission committed to providing safety, healing, and hope for those that have experienced sex trafficking and sexual trauma.

Through prevention, survivor care, and community programs — we work to end sex trafficking and exploitation.
BF works to relentlessly rescue, heal, and empower survivors of human trafficking to be free.

If you or someone you know is experiencing sexual exploitation please call Dr. Glenn Scott Mormon at 972-890-5290

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