Past Residents

​My name is Luke Nale, I would like to share about my journey and the things that I’ve experienced along the way. My story begins in St. Petersburg, Russia which is where I was born and raised. I grew up in a pretty dysfunctional home that consisted of great physical and emotional abuse. At age 5, I was admitted into the orphanage which is where I spent the next six years of my life. In 2005, I was introduced with Buckner International, an agency that made foreign adoption possible. My brother and I were adopted by Dan and Brenda Nale, a loving couple that provided everything we could have dreamed of.

The Nale’s gave us the resources necessary to be successful and offered a deep sense of love. A love that was unfamiliar to me due to my background. During this time, there was a defiance that began to form. My brother and I were very rebellious and chose to disregard the guidance that my family granted. Up to this point I never had someone in my life that genuinely loved me, so it was challenging for me to receive this love from my parents. I misbehaved and chose to do things my way. As the years progressed, I developed a lack of care and became so desensitized to everything that was around me. Around this time, I was introduced to drugs and alcohol, I used this as an outlet to channel the way that I felt because on the inside I was empty. My addiction quickly progressed and rapidly spiraled out of control. I dropped every responsibility I had and proceeded to do what I pleased. Over time, I created this false belief that I could do what I wanted and not face any sort of repercussions. I didn’t understand the ramifications of my actions and how it impacted others around me. I sought a self-absorbed lifestyle, often doing so at the expense of others. I tried moving state to state in hopes of getting clean and living a productive life. But nothing seemed to work which is when I realized that my life had become unmanageable. I checked myself into a detox and later a residential program but my heart was not yet ready change. In 2015, I was living in Charlotte, NC which is where I was arrested for a warrant out of Dallas, TX.

After my extradition, I signed for probation and thus my journey here began. Three months down the road, I called my Mom and told her I needed help. She recommended Breaking Free, which is a long term residential, drug and alcohol recovery program. My brother had gone through the program himself and the change in his life was evident. At this stage in my life I was so tired of running on my own and it was time to do something different.

While in the program I have learned many things. I have seen how destructive addiction is and how God has protected me over the years. Since being here I have worked through some of the deep residual emotional pain. Things that led me to numb my pain in a negative manner. I have allowed others to intervene and assist me on this journey. Learning how to deal with my emotions in a productive way has been one of the greatest things I’ve experienced. I’ve seen the power of restoration and how God has allowed reconciliation within my family. I now have healthy relationships with my parents and my brother both which is very special to me. I graduated the program in July 2017, and have chosen to stay on as a staff member here at Breaking Free. This is the longest I’ve remained sober since I began using. I credit this accomplishment to my relationship with God, and the tools Breaking Free equip me with. He’s opened my eyes and has shown me a life that is gratifying and fulfilling without the use of drugs. I’ve discovered that sobriety is just the beginning and that the Lord has so much more in store for me. I graduated the program on July 15th, 2017 and have been a staff member here at Breaking Free ever since. This is the longest I’ve remained sober since I began using. I credit this accomplishment to my relationship with God and the path he paved for me to find Breaking Free. He’s opened my eyes and has shown me a life that is gratifying and fulfilling without the use of drugs. I’ve discovered that sobriety is just the beginning and that the Lord has so much more in store for me.

Alongside the recovery programs, Breaking Free also has overseas missions in Costa Rica. There, they work hands on with the Ngabe indigenous. This mission work  includes  over 100 children that they feed weekly,  and take care of each week. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be apart of the ministry there and have been on 3 trips now.

As I’ve spent time there, God has opened my heart and allowed me to connect to the culture and people there in some pretty special ways. I’ve also met a young lady there (Silvia) who is one of the BF Costa Rica staff members. She’s been on staff for the last 6 years and is a key member of the ministry down there. We’ve been dating for 6 months now and I firmly believe that she’ll be the one that I marry.

I’m so grateful for the way the Lord has paved a way for me and brought me to Breaking Free. He’s given me purpose and meaning that I wouldn’t find apart from him.




I was raised in the southern church “scene”. It was very much so a “go to church Sunday”, “try to be a good person”, and “put on this image that your life was well managed”. Up until 7th grade I was in a Christian school; 8th grade is where it all shifted. I moved over to the local public school system and pretty much immediately went crazy. Weed and pain pills entered in by the end of 8th grade and I just spiraled out of control all the way through high school. Anything and everything I could try I wanted to. Opiates consumed me. By age 19 I was homeless with a needle in my arm, desperate for that next hit.


Through what can only be described as “divine intervention”, Breaking Free was introduced into my life. Truthfully I wasn’t ready for help then, it took time for me to partially accept I needed help. I spent over a year with Breaking Free in 2012 fighting, clawing, and hating it because I still wasn’t fully ready to let go of it all. So I quit and left, homeless again in the middle of nowhere Georgia with a family that didn’t want me back home. Still though, I was convinced “I had this and was fixed”. Spoiler alert: Humble pie doesn’t taste very good.  By 2014 the cycle had continued again, this time me hurting even more people and again back to using. This time I knew I had to be done with this life. Every truth Breaking Free had ingrained into my head the first time just kept playing over and over in my head after going back to using. It was time to go back and humbly accept I could not do this alone.


The second time at Breaking Free was very different. Everyone there welcomed me back with loving arms while simultaneously teaching me of the hard but worthwhile road ahead. God had broken me down and knew just what was needed for me to see the truth. The journey has been a roller coaster and a constant reminder of what not to do. Everything good in my life now has been facilitated by the awesome staff at Breaking Free. They’re now close friends who understand the struggle and only want the best for each man and women going through their regeneration programs. Since 2015, I’m proud (and fortunate) to say I do not want that drugged up, miserable life style anymore. I’m free from those dark days. Its only by the grace of God and the staff at Breaking Free I am alive now. I can now wake up with hope and a desire for a greater future. No longer do I have to suffer while choosing to be trapped in the vicious cycle of addition. Thank you Breaking Free for always being so understanding and compassionate. It is a difficult yet worthwhile journey, don’t give up.  and a small price to pay to be free.



Hey there, my name is Meg Moen and I’d love to share with you all about my life journey, and where I’ve ended up today through it all. I am 1 of 8 kids in a family of 10. My mom and dad adopted 5 kids and had 3 of their own. I was very blessed to be pulled out of a very negative environment and placed into a loving home with 2 wonderful parents. I was adopted at the age of 4 along with my twin sister. We grew up going to church, staying a part of our community, and doing things as a family.

Through the ages of 5 to about 8 years old, I faced some pretty traumatic events in my life. At such a young age I didn’t realize how much it really had affected me. Without even knowing it at the time, there was an immediate wall thrown up, I didn’t trust anybody, I refused to allow people to get close to me for the fear of being hurt, and as my teenage years began to approach, a rebellious side of me began to come out.

In middle school I started to dabble around with alcohol, really finding any opportunity I could to have a drink. I knew in my heart it was wrong and I always felt guilty after but refused to listen to what my heart was telling me. At the age of 16, I got my first tattoo from a guy who gave tattoos to minors in his own home. Once again not thinking of the risk that came along with doing something so dangerous. When I was a freshman in highschool my parents told me, I needed to go attend a private christian boarding school in Mississippi. I was angry and mad, but shortly after really fell in love with the school. I was getting good grades, I was a part of almost every sports team I could be a part of, and I had some really good friends surrounding me.

Come sophomore year my parents told me it was time to come back home, the school was getting a little bit expensive. Now I was back to Georgia for my sophomore year, in a public large 7A school. As the year began, I started to rebel again, drinking and finding parties, getting bad grades, I was no longer involved in any sports teams, and had not so good friends. Come 2nd semester of sophomore year my mom noticed and asked if I’d like to go back to school in Mississippi, without a doubt, I said yes.

Through my time there I had points where that wall I began to throw up at a young age was really taking a toll on me. I was rebelling at school. Sneaking alcohol with friends during school hours, and spring break of Junior year in highschool went to a very big party with alcohol, that turned into police getting involved. I struggled all through grade school with feeling like I needed to have a guy in my life. I dated a lot and I was always feeling like I needed to have some sort of relationship to validate my life. During the end of high school I was having straight A’s, played in all sports, but was still struggling to really find myself which resulted in continuing down a my rebellious path.

The day after my high school graduation I was sent to Breaking Free Ladies Program in Anna TX. I thought Texas, I’ve never been there, I know nobody, I’m far from home, and all my friends just graduated high school and now get to start their college lives. Once again I was feeling that hurt and anger. Through life I knew there was a God, at a time I had a strong relationship with the Lord. But any time I faced trials I really questioned a lot of things. Everyone in their life asked that question “ Well if God existed then why did he allow this to happen to me” and that was a question I wrestled around with for so long.

Mrs. Melanie and the staff really taught me a lot of deeper biblical things that I didn’t see. I was blaming God for everything, and allowing satan to sit back and watch in joy as I did so. A door was opened when I was younger, that allowed satan to come into my life and for the longest time that door stayed open. Until I came to Breaking Free where they really helped me to move forward in life and not stay stuck in my past.

When I got to Breaking Free I had a very negative mindset about it all, I told my parents this won’t work for me this is a waste of my time I just don’t need to be here ...and boy WAS I WRONG! I spent 13 months at Breaking Free, through all the classes that we took everyday, breaking down that wall. Part way through the program, I realized these walls were coming down and quickly fell back and tried my hardest to build it back up again. I kept telling myself there is just no way I can allow myself to break this wall down, people will hurt me, I didn’t want it.

What Breaking Free helped me to realize is that wall I was building, was hurting me. This program brought a lot of truth to light that I didn’t see. People messed around because I was not a very emotional person when I arrived. Never shed a tear, and if I felt like I might cry I’d do everything I could to hold it back. By the end of that program I wasn’t afraid to cry when I was feeling emotional. This program brought out a side in me that I never knew. I got to forgive those who have hurt me, and I got to ask forgiveness to those who I have hurt along the ways of my destructive past.

After graduating from the program I moved back home with my parents, met a guy and dated for about 10 months, and it ended with some verbal and physical abuse. I ended that immediately but then realized I was falling back into the thoughts of “Why would God allow this to happen to me.” Without my Breaking Free family I wouldn’t have felt so loved through that tough time. Now I live a healthy life working full time, I rent a house, I bought myself a brand new car, and I have also been so fortunate to have found a man who loves me and treats me with respect, we’ve been together for almost 2 years now. In October 2019 we got engaged, and are soon to be married! Today I still stay in touch with many people from Breaking Free, I can honestly say I really don’t know where I would be without such an amazing supportive 2nd family. Thank you Breaking Free for doing all that you do to provide for those in need.




My name is Providence Ward I was a very chronic alcoholic and drug addict for about 10 years of my life. I had hit a final breaking point to my addiction when I got pregnant with my daughter in 2016 and I had some serious choices to make for my life.  God brought Breaking Free to my attention through a family member who knew someone who had gone through the program and had amazing success. July, 2017 I went into detox in Oklahoma City where I live for the second time and I called BF.  Two weeks later I was packed up and on my way to a place where Gods favor and grace over flowed.  The program completely and radically changed everything in my life.  I went through intensive healing for 15 months. It truly regenerated my mind, body, and spirit.  The amount of work ethic I obtained contributed to my recovery so much, because it gave me the discipline I needed to be a responsible adult and mother.  We spent the mornings journaling and building our relationships with the Lord and truly trained me on how to daily keep up with how I was doing, how to bring it to the Lord, and then act appropriately to address daily circumstances. Then we had serval hours of classes.  Breaking Free saved my life, they gave me everything I needed to not only get sober and healthy, but to have the tools I needed to continue in my recovery and get better and better as life goes on.  It was one the hardest but most incredible thing to ever happen in my life.  My daughter and I have the best life now together, healthy and productive. I have been working for UPS for over a year now; I am a part of the ministry team at my church and teach the 3 and 4 year olds in the kid’s wing.  I not only have my life back but I have a life where I am serving others and helping others get the same healing I got.  God is so good, I am so honored to have had to chance to go to a program like BF where the TRUE power of God is at work.



My name is Will, I am a Dallas native who grew up in a Christ-centered home where I accepted Jesus at a young age. Despite my upbringing and church involvement I began casually drinking and experimenting with drugs in high school, a habit that would only intensify in college. This developed into full-blown addiction and alcoholism which led me down a dark path over the course of the next ten years. Estranged from my family and painfully aware of God’s better path for my life. I was then led to Breaking Free in Anna, TX. Here the Lord began an incredible work that continues today. Through the discipleship of the staff, application of the scripture and prayer, the foundation was laid for a life submitted to the Lord. During those 15 months my relationship with my family began to be restored and I started healing from the core issues that initially led to the path of addiction.


Upon graduation, I  joined the Breaking Free team to give back and help others like myself who were in need. With this experience I went on to work for a sober-living facility in Richardson where I  helped young men transition from in-patient treatment and continue of the road to healing. Though the program i worked at  is not faith-based, he uses it as a personal ministry to share what God has done in my life and the freedom that can be found in Him. I recently celebrated 3 years of sobriety and have plans to graduate from Dallas Baptist University in the Fall of 2020. I attend Park Cities Baptist Church and enjoys spending time with my niece and nephew.


Hello! My name is Chris.

  I hated middle school. I wasn’t good in school and didn’t get along with any of my teachers. By the time I made 8th grade I was in and out of juvenile detention. The decision had been reached at this point to send me into a special program. During my stay in this program I met Scott Mormon and his wife Melanie. Scott taught me not just a trade but taught me to trust someone.

When I exited the program after several years I returned home and I thought “hey it’s party time.” I got into a crowd of people that I got high with and drunk with every single day.  I quickly realized that the things at home were not the greatest and I kept thinking of all that I had learned from Scott and thought daily of this friend that God had placed in my life.

About a month before my 21st birthday I had had enough of the partying and drinking and getting high. I felt that I was betraying my family I had left in the program. On my 21st birthday I enrolled in trucking school. In 2006 my ex left me when she was 4 months pregnant and I struggled with depression. I fought off those thoughts of going back to the bad friends. I decided to go to church because I remembered all that I had learned about family from Scott and Melanie. That is and was the life I was determined to lead.

In late June 2006 I gave my life back to God and a week later I met a lady and she was a Christian woman. I had already had my heart broke once and I wanted this to be what God wanted. So, the first night that I ever went to church with her I prayed for God to show me his intentions if any were to be had from Him. As soon as the preacher had started preaching he started reading Romans 8;28. The next week after that church sermon I asked this lady to marry me. She said yes. We were married that October and remain married to this day.

We have lost everything several times and we have been blessed with much. We have 4 wonderful children together. I have been driving for almost 18 years. None of this has been easy and none of it would have ever been possible without Scott and Melanie showing up in my life when they did. We have remained in contact for 22 years. I follow almost every move he has made over the years and he is my role model to this day. With that being said everyone needs an earthly hand to help them through and you couldn’t get a better spiritual leader than the Mormons. I love them both. They will forever more be my family.



My name is James. I was a troubled youth and began drinking at a young age and living life the way I wanted. The result was being removed from my home by the state. In 1999 when I was 14 I went to BSR where I met Scott and Melanie Mormon. That's where my life was changed for the better.

It was rough at first but then I got my GED, a trade, and learned a lot of values and changed my outlook on life. I spent over 3 years there. I left there and lost my way for a few years and ended up needing help again. In 2005 I got ahold of Scott, and decided to enter Breaking Free Inc. Once there I had a long road to recovery where I dealt with a lot of the deep rooted issues I had in life.

It was only by God's grace and divine intervention that I got the true help I needed. I spent several years teaching and learning alongside Brandon. I ended up leaving there and spent a few years in various states.

Then ultimately, I started a family and now have a beautiful wife and 2 daughters, a 6-year-old and a newborn. God has changed my life so much but putting me in places to allow others to help me even when I couldn't help myself. Because of what God has done and the people like Scott and Melanie that was put around me I can honestly say, I am living a great life and have now been sober 14 years.



My name is Mike W, I grew up around drugs and alcohol. For example, when I was small enough to ride on my dad’s shoulders he was taking me around in the woods showing me how to grow marijuana, and of course things only progressed for the worse.

I ended up in the youth dentition in 1992 for possession of drugs less than an ounce in a school zone. I grew these myself in part from the negative life skills I had learned. While there I roomed with some guys that were pretty heavy into the satan worship. I took to this pretty quick, but God had other plans for me.

I ended up at a group home where Mr. Scott was the program director. Needles to say we clashed quite a bit on our religious beliefs and what would get me free from such a destructive lifestyle. Scott and his wife Melanie never gave up on me. Even though we clashed him and his family showed me great kindness and love. Even as I was trying to undo what they were trying to accomplish.

There was a night I was in a room praying to lucifer that Scott came in and I'm not even sure what he said. We ended up on the front porch. Mr. Scott told me to pray to satan and see if he answers. Then he said after you do I am going to pray to my God who I call Jesus and let’s see what happens. I prayed and felt frustrated and confused. Then Mr. Scott prayed. It was dark and a big owl came flying through the front porch right by my head and I knew then I was deceived by my so-called god. I didn’t really understand I just knew I didn’t want it to leave. All I remember is we then prayed together that clearly there was a peace that came over me.

It was then that I sold out and said I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be saved. Of courses Scott took the time to explain and answer questions.

Fast forward 26 or so years later here I am able to enjoy the same peace I felt that night back in 1993. I run a car customs shop, I have a beautiful wife and family, but the important thing is the relationship I have with the Great God almighty and the peace that Goes along with it.