Justin Turner

     Hi, Im justin! I grew up in Frisco, Texas in a home that went to church and vacation bible school, so I had a lot of knowledge of the Lord. Growing up I would seek out attention and find a lot of self worth through sports and excelling in them. I started growing away from the Lord around the age of 8 when I started to experience close people in my life passing away. Even at a young age I had learned how to numb my emotions and had taught myself not to feel pain. As the years passed I turned my back on the Lord out of anger and I started to seek out other ways to fill the void in my heart such as relationships, sports, photography, and in my early years of high school I soon turned to drinking and smoking to continue to numb myself. Throughout high school I was able to hide my growing addiction by excelling in school and even winning a state championship in swimming. During high school, after having an ankle surgery, I discovered pain pills and fell in love with how they made me feel. My life soon started to spiral out of control after I graduated high school when I started abusing heroin and crack cocaine. After having a close friend  overdose and die months later I was backed into a corner to look at what my life had come to because of my addiction. Thus I entered my first program. Over the next four years I was in and out of programs dealing with relapse after relapse. I truly felt my life was at rock bottom after being homeless multiple times and losing everything I had including my family and loved ones. After a family intervention,  the Lord brought me to Breaking Free in Georgia for my seventh program. My life was truly shattered into pieces. After about a month into the program I gave my life to the Lord as he started the regeneration process in my life. During the 13 months in the program I had to truly look at myself as the Lord was working on my heart and walking me through dealing with my character defects. Which I can truly say is the hardest thing I have ever walked through. During my time in the program I fell in love with the Lord as I saw Him restoring my broken life and bringing healing to my relationships and family. I graduated the program in October of 2014. I made the decision to stay on and serve in the ministry. Over the next two years I walked through three sections of the leadership process with Servanthood, Servant Leadership Training, and On The Job Training. As I was getting ready to move back to Texas the Lord called me to Serve and help start up a foreign mission over in La Spezia, Italy. Where over the next year I served for a total of six months teaching English, doing youth groups, as well as going on the streets to feed the homeless and preach the Gospel. I then moved back to Texas in January of 2018 to continue serving the Lord and leading young men through their journey to find purpose in Christ as staff with Breaking Free. Little did I know that God had bigger plans brining me back to Texas than I could imagine. After being back in Texas for a few months, I would begin to fall in love with a girl named Abbie Mormon, who just so happened to be one of the founder’s daughters of Breaking Free. Abbie and I knew each other years prior to falling in love, but never got to know each other well. She moved from Georgia to Texas one year before I moved out to Georgia to go through the program. When I moved back to Texas 5 years later it was obvious God had kept us apart until exactly his perfect timing. Our love continued to grow quickly and steadily, then on December 26th 2018 I would ask Abbie to marry me and on October 6th 2019 she would become my wife. This not only taught me so much on patience and trust, but it also showed me how God restores our lives. In my addiction I never thought I would get marry a Woman of God like Abbie. Abbie and I now live in Anna Texas and continue serve as Staff at Breaking Free and are so excited to what the Lord has in store for our future.