Parent Testimonies

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We are so grateful to Breaking Free. 14 years ago our teenage son was in a very dark place, making horrible decisions which had affected all of our family. We weren't financially in a place to send him to the typical program, which is usually so expensive. Breaking Free took him in, and walked him through his issues, and the root causes. They truly helped remake him with the Lord's insight and strength. He now leads a productive life, has a family, and a good relationship with all of us. We have given monthly to BF ever since our son graduated, as a way of paying forward and helping others in need of intervention.


Tiffany Moen

After almost 12 years of praying, crying & feeling like all hope was lost my niece told us about the ministry of Breaking Free. This ministry not only saved my son's life, it gave me hope. I have found true peace, true joy & true thankfulness for how this program & the leadership has given me my son back & more. My son is now the godly man I always knew he could be. Because of their leadership program he continues to change, learn & grow. The weekend of his baptism & graduation was one of the best days of my life. I am so thankful for the Breaking Free Ministry.

Paula Gallagher