Breaking Free Costa Rica was born when Scott, Melanie, and Brandon noticed that recovering addicts battled or completely gave in to unhealthy amounts of selfishness and unthankfulness. They also felt because of the blessing of being in Collin County, they should give back to those who had nothing. Lastly, they saw it as  opportunity to develop Breaking Free leaders who wanted to continue on for staff training in a more wholistic manner. Breaking free allows staff to serve in Costa Rica to accomplish these goals in a recovering individual. Breaking Free has a finca(farm) that has 6 local staff and one full time staff from the USA. This does not include the changing numbers of servant leaders that rotate throughout the year from the USA. Breaking Free’s ministry to the poor consist of feeding around 150 indigenous children weekly, street ministry to the homeless, and raising up of local servant leaders.  We also invite churches that want to participate in this mission outreach with their youth or adults to come to Southern Costa Rica and serve the poor. BF have several guest area’s on the farm for those who want to experience working with these beautiful people of Costa Rica.