Brandon Poteete

   Hey my name is Brandon Poteete I am originally from Blairsville GA. I arrived at Breaking free in October of 2006 with a drug and alcohol problem that led me down many roads I didn't want to go down. I graduated the program in 2007 and felt the need and desire to stay on a become a staff here at Breaking Free. I knew that God had a call on my life, and going through the program is what settled it in my heart, and made me realize the need for Him and the relationships with the body I was in. The Lord has down so much in my life in the amount of time I have been here it blows my mind to think about. One thing that I did when I first got here was set goals in my life that I wanted and knew I needed to accomplish to maintain my relationship with God and live the life that He has chosen for me. Since I have been here all the goals in my life have been met. I married my beautiful wife Hannah, and started our life together. The Lord has down so much for me, and has given me the desire to serve and be apart of people lives who need help. I have always wanted to do missionary type work, when I see people who are apart of that type of ministry my heart goes out to them. Recently Breaking Free has been given the opportunity to go down to San Vito, Costa Rica an be apart of helping start a training center for ministers, and eventually start a program for young men who struggle with addiction. Immediately when the opportunity arose Hannah and myself felt inside that's something that we would love to be apart of. As of next year in 2015 we are going to be moving down there to help and be apart of  this chance we have been given. I am extremely excited about where my life is heading.I never knew that when I came into this facility that I would be where I am at, and have the people in my life who have helped me out so much. I cant wait to see the opportunities that are going to come with this chance God has given me.