Joe Kohler

    My name is Joe Kohler I’m twenty six years old I was born in Erie Pennsylvania, I was raised in a good family. My Father is a Dentist and my Mother is a stay at home Mom, But now works as a secretary, The Lord was always around in my childhood and in my family I went to Church and was raised in it. I was adopted at three days old, My biological family wasn’t in a very good place my birth Dad ran off and my Mother continued to use alcohol and drugs. I went to a Catholic school around kindergarten to second grade, I wasn’t accepted as much around this time because of the way I looked And had auditory processing disorder, It was a very difficult time in my life. Later on from 3rd to 6th grade I was moved to a Christian school because we move towns. I had some friends but was still feeling rejected a lot because of my disorder, I started to get into arguments and fights in school and at home, This continued to be the same cycle I had a lot of built-up anger from seventh through ninth grade. I switch to school online I did very well, I start going to church, youth group, wrestling and football I performed and did well. I still found no acceptance where I was at with friends, I later on turned to a new crowd I begin my 11 year addiction from smoking marijuana, cigarettes and drinking alcohol, I quit sports and my grades were only average, I was never home I was always out and up to no good. I got really tired of school online so for my 10th grade year I began to go to school at a Christian Academy. I got bullied a lot there I caused trouble which turned me back to going to online school and I finished off graduating in 2012. I was constantly rebelling against my family and ignoring God’s path he wanted for my life. I eventually was arrested twice for a couple felonies and got them reduced by the grace of God and did probation. I continued to use during probation and I went to my first rehab, I got sober over a year and when I was released I went right back into drugs like psychedelics,marijuana and alcohol.  I lost a child at this time to one of my past relationships and I found out a couple weeks later that the baby was aborted and I didn’t even know about it. I lost friends throughout my time to suicide and drug overdoses, I came to a point that I completely stop caring about anything. I only cared about myself, I felt like I was in a constant darkness with nothing good to look forward to. I then had a very good relationship and had my first son his name is Joseph John Kohler V or as I call him JJ , I went from job to job and moving from house to house, I was also in the psych work a lot, Eventually me and my ex girlfriend at the time broke up. I was using even more drugs like cocaine, but then went to rehab for 60 days and after I got out I continued to use. I went to college and I was in a stage of brokenness. I had nothing good for my life other than having some school and under my belt but I didn’t find joy in anything. I eventually got in trouble in college, I failed out and I called Breaking Free because I knew my cousin used to volunteer and work with them. I literally had nothing left I was living out of a friends apartment which eventually I would have to leave and live out on the streets and I knew I needed help. I got accepted into the program and I eventually flew from Pennsylvania to Texas. Throughout my program I started to see myself grow more and more with God in my life and when I went through tough times and good times. God showed me I didn’t have to live with regret, I had a plan and a purpose, Those deep hurts were gone and I have that peace and joy in my life and I have acceptance and confidence that people love and care about me. He gave me a light to see who I really am and now I serve with others here in the ministry. I find joy in helping others get there there lives right and for them to find a purpose and a relationship with Jesus Christ. I also eventually want to go to Costa Rica and help those who need a relationship with God. I can now see God’s vision for my life. I personally wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t without God’s grace. The Lord taught me so many things and the one thing is to live for him and I still look forward to what he wants to do in my life. This one verse always speaks volumes to me especially for what I walked through in my addiction and my program to sobriety. Jeremiah 29:11 for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.