Chris Astler

   My name is Chris and I was adopted at a young age and always grew up thinking that I was different from everybody else and that I didn’t quite belong. So I at a young age I developed insecurities that control me for the much of my life. I started hanging out with the wrong crowd about 11 or 12 years old and started smoking marijuana. It was soon after that that my addiction progressed into much harder drugs, and continued for about 10 years. Because of my actions I was homeless for a long period of time in my older teenage years. From 17 to 21 I had gone to jail four times, and the last time my mom said when I get out either I needed to go to a program or I was on my own.  When I got to Breaking  Free everybody welcomed me with open arms Listening to everybody talk about God and watching their actions made me start to want the same thing they have. So I made the decision to go on with my program and get help. My program was very tough and was about 18 months. I had gotten setback many times and went through a lot of trials , and I had to overcome a lot of my character defects. I would say my toughest struggle in my program was when my dad passed away when I was in inner healing. For a long time after that I felt angry because I was in Breaking Free, and didn’t have that time with my dad.  As time went on  I kept talking to the leaders and I realized that I should be very thankful for the opportunity that BF  had given me. My dad was able to see me get my life together and ultimately find my purpose. Me and my dad always talked about the option of me serving after I graduated in Costa Rica and joining the mission work BF had there. When my dad passed away that continue to stay on my mind and I felt like that was a way to honor my dad by fulfilling my purpose that I had  for my life. I’ve been with BF for four years now and have grown and developed my relationships with the community and a very special family that helps works for BF here in Costa Rica. The Lord blessed me with a relationship with one of them, and her name is Roxana in which I plan on marrying in the future. Words can’t describe how special this family is to me and how my life is now.  I Also love the community here and the mission work that we do. I don’t think I can express my gratitude enough to really explain what Breaking Free has done for me. I love this ministry and the work that we do to honor God and His kingdom.