Andy + Brittany

Hello, my name is Brittany Perez. I came to Breaking Free 5 years ago for my drug addiction. Before I came to Breaking Free I was on a dark path of addiction and making bad decisions. I grew up with my mom and my brother. There was a lot of dysfunction in my household growing up because my brother and dad were both in addiction. I started using when I was 14 and it progressively got worse and worse. I tried different kinds of programs and did counseling but those things never worked. Through my addiction I made a lot of bad decisions and hurt a lot of people around me. Drugs became my whole life and the only way I knew how to cope. I came to a point where I was court ordered to a program because I had a serious problem. God did for me what I couldn’t do for myself. 

  The Lord got ahold of me when I was 18 years old and since then I’ve been walking out my life with Him. Being at Breaking Free I’ve seen the Lord change so much in my life. After I graduated, I met my Fiancé Andy and he’s been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Through my program I’ve seen God change my heart and restore relationships in my family that were broken. I was able to get healing from a lot of past hurts and choices I made. I worked a hard program and there were lots of hard things I had to look at about myself but through the love of the staff at Breaking Free and the love of God, ive been able to change and work on those things. 

  I felt led to stay on at Breaking Free because I believe that the Lord has called me to serve here and give back to other young women who are trapped in addiction just like I was. It’s helped me in so many ways that I can’t explain by seeing and helping other girls get there lives together. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the Lord working in my life and these girls. I currently live in the house with the girls and the house parent Gretchen. We do our program based on a block system and I teach different blocks depending on where the girls are at in there program. I’m also in charge of our barbecue business that we do weekly. We deliver lunch plates on fridays for people who order and I make the routes for all of the cities that we deliver too. 

  I’m so grateful for this ministry and all the people that are apart of it. In a few months Andy and I are getting married and I couldn’t be any more happy.  Today I am currently on staff and see myself staying with Breaking Free for a long time. I’ve developed really close relationships with the whole staff at Breaking Free and Andy and I feel like we’re apart of the family too. This program has really changed my life and the Lord has given me purpose. I’m so grateful for this ministry and what God has done in my life. 


My name is Andrew Lowry and I came to Breaking Free 5 1/2 years ago. I was born in Plano and raised in Wylie with 3 siblings and two loving parents.   Over the years before I started using I was building up a lot of anger and insecurities. I grew up with a lot of confusion about myself because I wasn’t confident and always felt like something was different about me. My drug addiction started when I was 17. Through my addiction things got worse and worse to the point where I was arrested in April of 2014 and was facing 2 years of prison time. I was an extreme addict and on the path to death. Our founder Scott Mormon came to visit me in jail and that’s what lead me to Breaking Free.  If it wasn’t for Breaking Free and going to jail I probably wouldn’t be alive. 


 I worked the program and stayed on for staff after graduating in 2015. I worked a hard program and got a lot of healing for my past and the shame I felt for the choices I’d made. I looked at how I hurt a lot of people around me and that drugs were a false sense of security. Through Breaking Free and the love of God the relationships between my siblings and parents have been restored. I’ve learned how to live a life following God and making good decisions. 


 Breaking Free has taught me what it takes to have true relationships and a deeper connection with God. I have also met my beautiful fiancé Brittany who helps lead the Breaking Free’s women’s program. I go out and help sell coffee for the ministry. I also do different jobs like construction, landscaping, and moving jobs. I currently help teach and mentor the men in the men’s program. I feel like God has called me to serve and give back to others what has been given to me. 


 I am so grateful for all that Breaking Free has done for me. God has given me a second chance at life and it blows me away. I am getting married to Brittany in a few months and we plan on serving in this ministry for as long as God calls us too. This program has completely changed my life and made me into the man that God intended me to be.