Servant Leadership Training is an on-campus, residential training school where the equipping process can be worked out in those feeling called to helping the suffering and addicted. It involves a one year commitment for the sole purpose of allowing God to develop their purpose in a future leaders life. 


    Quality leadership does not come easily.  It requires time, dedication, study of the word, character building, and maturity which comes from a structured process that provides experience.  Mature servant leadership flows from mature character that is most often formed in the graduate school of life.  This does not come through gifting alone, because a leader whose skills outweigh his character formation will eventually falter.  A mature, successful ministry flows from one who has ministry skills, relational skills, and godly character that has been tempered, developed, and ripened by God's  thorough development .  Character formation is fundamental so that a person's ministry may flow out of being, not performance, or gifting. 


        The Servant Leadership Training focuses on all of these important areas of development, especially character formation.  It is a safe environment where unseasoned leaders can be a part of hands on ministry. We believe in a hands-on approach to ministry that is learned through internship and mentoring under seasoned leaders. This program is of no cost to those who feel led to answer the call to help those who are suffering or in Alcohol or Drug addiction.