Silvia Castillo Alemán

    Hi, I'm Silvia Castillo Alemán from Los Angles Costa Rica, and I'm 23 years old. I'm going to tell you a little about my life.

   When I was 12 years old, my mother died of leukemia and my father abandoned us, so my 18 year old sister took care of me and my four  sisters, because we were very young. Where we lived arrived Mr Scott as he came to our house as he had a farm across the street. Today we can say that they are our family and he adopted all my family. it was very funny at the beginning when we met Mr. Scott because we were outside the house when we saw that a man full of tattoos was coming to our house and we were afraid and he started talking to us. Wr didn't understand anything he said until he handed us a card that had information about him and his wonderful wife Ms Melanie in Spanish. Little by little we began to meet Brandon and the rest of the team. These people taught us the value of the family, the love that God has for us, they even taught us what Christmas is and other traditions.  Even taught us what it is to share with those who also had nothing and now we have four years of being with them and now all mi sisters work for Breaking Free. I have learned English and help both here in Costa Rica, and in Italy because God gave me the opportunity to take my testimony to Italy for those who think that their life makes no sense, and share God loves them and never leaves us alone. I have translated for mr Scott for the last three years here and in Italy. I am so happy and my sisters to have a papa and mother like Mr Scott and Ms Melanie.